Hello Hello...

Drew Stewart, erstwhile member of the Canadian indie funk-rockers Jazzberry Ram (1993-2004), has released a solo album in support of this website - a revolutionary idea, no?

The album consists of fourteen tracks, recorded over a three-year period between 2006 and 2009.  The songs were written in a (somewhat) painfully piecemeal fashion over a period of about two decades, as many of the choruses, verses and lyrics on this album were the former 'castoffs' of Jazzberry Ram's four studio albums.  The overall mood of the album is, in a word, "heartbreaking"; which is probably why so many of these songs were rejected by those manically happy Jazzberry Ram guys.

Drew played and sang almost all the instrumentation on the recording, with a little help on drums and mandolin (which, everyone knows, are exceptionally hard instruments to play for those born with chubby fingers).  Drew has chubby fingers.